Bushey Forum Committee’s Response to AGM feedback

The Bushey Forum Committee would like to thank all the residents who came to our AGM on January 30th, 2018. We would also like to apologise that so many of you were unable to join us in the Bushey Centre Main Hall. There was an unprecedented level of attendance and for reasons of safety, set by the Country Club, we had to close the doors and turn many people away. Unfortunately, we had booked the venue and scheduled our leaflet drop before news of the Country Club’s closure became known. Following that announcement, we changed our agenda to include discussion about the Country Club and our booking to the Main Hall. We did receive a number of responses to our leaflet which suggested we might have a larger than usual attendance but we did not envisage the numbers who came.
We will publish a summary of the Country Club discussion as soon as possible on The Bushey Forum website, and distribute it to non-members who provided an email address.
We will be holding a second meeting as fully endorsed by Dr Donald Graham, Hertsmere Council Chief Executive and Cllr Morris Bright, Leader of the Council as soon as possible, and are working with them and our local councillors to find a suitable date and venue for it. Once the arrangements have been agreed, we will publish the details as widely as possible in the local media, The Bushey Forum website, social media and locally.
The agenda for this second meeting will be the Bushey Country Club only.
We will not be discussing the Local Plan at this meeting. However, we would ask everyone to watch out for the next council leaflet on this topic which will soon be delivered, and, if at all possible, to attend the public meetings to hear the options that will be tabled.

The dates for our usual 2018 meetings are 12th June and 9th October at 7:30 pm

The Bushey Forum Committee.