On February 28th, 2018 at a Special Meeting of the Hertsmere Borough Council Executive they unanimously adopted a proposal to allocate £70,000 to keep open the Bushey Community Centre and to protect the Bushey Golf & Country Club site .

This means that while the long-term future of the Bushey Golf & Country Club site is under consultation the Community Centre will remain available to all the local groups that use these facilities.

The report by HBC Council officers details the required security measures for the site in the short term to prevent vandalism of the closed part of the site and to prevent unauthorised accessThe full proposal can be seen here.

Dr. Donald Graham, the HBC Chief Executive, told the meeting that any group that wants to continue to use the Community Centre should contact Hertsmere Leisure. Their email address is info@hertsmereleisure.co.uk  and their telephone number is 01727 744250.

New bookings can also be made.

The current plan for the immediate future of the site will mean the closure of the Golf and Country Club buildings this would include the café and restaurant. However, the Council are open to enquires from anyone that might want to, for example,  operate a pop-up business of this nature on the site as this was one if the suggestions made.  This would have to be in the Community Centre.

Any proposals about the site should be directed to the Asset Management team at Hertsmere Borough Council their email address is asset.management@hertsmere.gov.uk

The consultation process, to be lead by Cllr. Paul Morris, will begin once the terms of reference have been defined. During the meeting it was repeated that the golf course as a green space should be retained.

The meeting was webcast by the council and the recording is available here.