The official minutes of the meeting will be made available as soon as possible.

I said during the meeting that I would post here information in relation to the Local Plan and the consultation process that is open now.

All the information you need is on the council website

On the front page there are 4 highlighted topics, the 3rd of which is the local plan. It can also be accessed by following the links to the Planning and Building Control section.

This link will take you there too–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Local-Plan/New-Local-Plan-Planning-for-Growth.aspx

If you want to comment through the website then you will need to register on the Consultation System here,

This document,–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Local-Plan/Final-version-of-sites-document-printed-version.pdf, is the full list of all the proposed sites for the borough.

This link,–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Local-Plan/HELAA-Promoted-Sites-Map.aspx, is to the map containing all the sites that have been offered as potential sites for housing or employment in the borough. You can click through to the HELAA details for each site and see the proforma proposal that has been made in relation to each site.

As I said in the meeting, we need to make our opinions known to the council. Commenting on Facebook or other social media will not count. We need to either make comments through the Consultation System or by writing a letter. It is up to each of us to make sure the council know our opinions.  Please do not assume that someone else will do it or that your opinion will not matter.

It will! But only if you submit it to the council.

Philip Nowlan, Chairman, The Bushey Forum.