I am sure all of you have seen something about the idea that Watford Football Club are considering the land of Bushey Hall Golf club as the location for their new stadium complex. This is the land behind the Bushey Grove Centre and Lincolns Field which also runs down to, and behind Park Avenue.

There have been many comments on social media against this idea and I have received through my letter box three notices making it clear that many of our local representatives are against the proposal.
So far there has been one petition started by the Bushey Conservatives with over 5000 signatures at the time of writing, and an open letter to the Watford FC owner that was written by the Lib Dems and signed by local groups and individuals.

The Bushey Forum is not a campaigning organisation without a mandate from its members which is why we have not signed the open letter or actively promoting the petition.

This is obviously an emotive issue not just for Bushey Residents but also for wider fans of the club that want to see it remain in Watford. I would encourage all to not just use social media to voice your opinion, but to also contact your borough councillors and let them know your opinion.

At the time of writing I am not aware of any application that has been submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council and until such an application has been made all we can to is lobby.

Philip Nowlan
Chairman, The Bushey Forum.